As of late there are 10,000 licensed real estate agents in western Washington State. So why do we think you should be working with Gene Dexter for your home purchase or sale?

Here's his Top Ten!

10. A marketing and services expert with over 20 years experience within the music/film, hospitality and transportation industries prior to becoming a ReMax Integrity agent.

09. He is a fiercely loyal member of your team when making a purchase or sale decision and seeks win win solutions every day.

08. Gene does not quit or back away from hard work......ever.

07. Unlike many agents, Gene Dexter can represent a one bedroom fixer or waterfront estate in the millions of dollars with a confidence and knowlege level above and beyond others, as it comes from firsthand experience.

06. It is his policy to work and live among the most creative, honest, diverse, driven, loving, talented, different, open minded and centered people on earth. He upsets everyone else.

05. Gene will go over and above assisting with the setting and staging of your property for sale.

04. He is relentless with the marketing of your property. No stone is left unturned during the process of selling your home.

03. Gene believes that Seattle is the greatest place to live in the U.S.A.

02. By his way of thinking, each home purchase or sale is a step forward for the entire region by just three degrees of separation. When something real such as land is exchanged, many others benefit now and in the future!

01. This is not business for Gene Dexter, it's personal!

We invite you to see for yourself why Gene Dexter of ReMax Integrity is a powerful resource toward your goal of home purchase or sale. E mail him here or click onto the contact page for more options.